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About Cedric

& his vision.

My sculptures are diverse and my themes always changing. I look for inspiration wherever I can and the results are creatures or objects that aim to marry the world in my head with the one we all share. My materials are unconventional and the results are a product of fantasy design and an exploration of new materials.




Into this wilde Abyss,

The Womb of nature and perhaps her Grave,

Of neither Sea, nor Shore, nor Air, nor Fire,

But all these in their pregnant causes mixt

Confusedly, and which thus must ever fight,

Unless th' Almighty Maker them ordain

His dark materials to create more Worlds,

Into this wilde Abyss the wary fiend

Stood on the brink of Hell and look'd a while,

Pondering his Voyage; for no narrow frith

He had to cross.


—Paradise Lost, Book 2, lines 910–920

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